Easter in Bretagne
Saint Malo, Mont Saint Michel, Carnac, Quimper, Saint Brieuc, Dinan

22-26 April 2011

Saint Malo - Fort National

Between St. Malo and Concale

Sailing west of Concale

Oysters in Concale

In Concale again

Mont Saint-Michel

Inside the abbey of Mont Saint-Michel

Difficult shots ...

Inside the abbey again

The cloister

Beautiful pillar

Dol de Bretagne - romanesque house

Dol de Bretagne again

Dol de Bretagne - the menhir

Gravinis island

Gravinis - showing the use of neolithic tools

Locmariaquer - the broken menhir

Locmariaquer - the cairn

Another difficult shot

Locmariaquer - inside the dolmen

Lacmariaquer - entrance to the dolmen

Carnac - alignment of menhirs

Taking a picture of the Ménec menhirs

Preparation of the camera

Pointe du Raz

The photographer and his assistant

Pointe du Raz again


In Quimper

In Quimper again

Evening in Quimper

Quimper - Locmaria church

Camaret sur mer

Camaret sur mer again

Camaret sur mer

Pointe de Penhir

Taking risks for the perfect shot ...

Pointe de Penhir again


Fort-La-Latte again

... and again

Descending the tower


Dinan again

The river in Dinan

Dinan - pillar in the cathedral

Last addition: in Dol