Sailing in Croatia - Dubrovnik

July 2011

This time we succeded in reaching Dubrovnik. From Mali Losinij to Dubrovnik thre are no less than 200 miles - quite a bit of a distance to cover in two weeks. No time to waste !

The marina is at the bottom of a long fiord


The marina uses the park of an ancient villa

At the town's gate

Narrow uphill alleys

Steep climb to get home

View of the harbour from a loophole in the walls

Old and new roofs (rebuilt after the war)

At the Onofrio's fountain

Stradun, Dubrovnik's main street


Near the ancient grain warehouse

The harbour


Completing the tour of the walls


Cloister of the Franciscan monastery

Onofrio's fountain

A palace

Playing music with bottles

Attentive viewers

Inside the Rector's palace

Detail of the handrail

Detail of a capital

The harbour in the evening