India Cultural Heritage Discovery Tour

September 2011

A fantastic tour through Karnatka and Tamil Nadu. In continuation of what we did five years ago, when we visited Kerala and Northwest India. Chasing Nandis (Shiva's bull), elephants, lotuses .... An unforgettable experience, India never fails to surprise ....
Here are some photos of Karnatka, and in the following you can also see photos from Tamil Nadu.


(click on each image in order to enlarge)

Bangalore, the garden city

Park in Bangalore

Seringapatam - lotus in the temple

Seringapatam - stone elephant

Seringapatam - ancient prison

Seringapatam - the prison again

Tipu Sultan's tomb

Tipu Sultan's tomb

Nandi hill

On the way to Belur

Selling vegetables



Other vegetables


Vishnu temple in Belur

Belur - amazing carvings

Belur - carved elephants

Belur - Vishnu feet

Belur - another lotus

Belur - the temple's tank

Belur - the temple's porch

Belur - pilgrims

Belur - the temple's tower

In the Malabar hills

Coffee plantation

The vegetaion is taking over ...

Well-tended garden in the hills

Malabar hill

Another garden in the hills


Helibidu - sun flower seeds

Shiva temple in Helibidu

Helibidu - a big Nandi

Helibidu - family on pilgrimage

Helibidu - inside the temple

Helibidu - a small Nandi

Helibidu - external carvings


Helibidu - the workers' break

Helibidu - not completed work

Helibidu - beautiful saree

Helibidu - Jain temple

Helibidu - Jain saint

Shravanabelagola - view from the top


Shravanabelagola - village and tank

Driving in Bangalore

Bangalore - Nandi temple

Bangalore - outside the Nandi temple